Fair Trade & Organic Coffee

Fair trade & organic coffee is grown on all continents, predominately in South America. Our produt line is available in whole bean only.

Fair trade is a movement whose goal is to help producers in developing countries to get a fair price for their product. To help reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and promote environmentally sustainable practices.

Organic coffee is produced under strict certification guidelines. Growers do their best to ensure the methods are as environmentally friendly as possible. It is very often shade grown under large shade trees.

In term of environmental protection, organic is superior to high tech methods of clearing out wide regions around coffee plantations. The soil is protected from erosion. The habitat and food sources for birds and wildlife remain intact.

The beans are grown in the shade of banana trees. Known for its rich flavor and fine balanced acidity.

Grown in the heart of Central America. It is grown in small supply due to the country being the size of a small US state. Prized for its smooth character, balanced acidity and full flavor.

Coast Rica’s third highest exported product. This coffee is very high in caffeine, often blended with inferior varieties, with a high fine acidity and very good body and aroma.

The world’s primary source if high quality organic coffee. A good Peruvian coffee is gentle, aromatic and mild in acidity.

This is a process that allows the natural oils and other solids to remain resulting in a smooth and flavorful decaf coffee.

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